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Black Panther: Unmasking The Audience Behind The Roaring Success

Using the world’s most comprehensive database Movio’s Data Science team took a closer look at Black Panther to unveil audience insights and trends during the movie’s theatrical run. Some highlights include:

  • Black Panther managed to bring in a new segment of moviegoers into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as drawing the traditional superhero audience.
  • Hispanic moviegoers typically represent a much larger proportion of a blockbuster’s opening weekend than African Americans (21% vs 13%), these proportions are nearly reversed for Black Panther (20% vs 22%).
  • Black Panther’s audience is notable for the high percentage of African American moviegoers on opening weekend (22%), especially compared to other Marvel titles such as Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Dr Strange (14%).

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