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Deadpool 2: Who Did The Unlikely Superhero Resonate With?

For anyone who watched the first Deadpool movie, you'll know this superhero story is not a traditional one. In this audience evolution report, we look at which moviegoers joined Deadpool for a second round of hilarious and cringe-worthy antics. Some interesting takeaways include: 

  • Like most superhero films Deadpool 2’s opening weekend audience was predominantly young and male, with the overall audience becoming older and more gender balanced over time.
  • Interestingly, when contrasted with the first Deadpool movie, the opening weekend audience was already somewhat older and more gender balanced, and was made up of a higher proportion of frequent moviegoers as well. This may have been due to younger moviegoers being more willing to take a chance on the original film, whereas most moviegoers knew what to expect with the second.
  • The high proportion of frequent moviegoers on opening weekend may have been due to a large number of younger, occasional and infrequent moviegoers attending Avengers: Infinity War the previous week.

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