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Meet Movio: A Day In The Life Of A Product Marketing Manager

I’m Tiana, Product Marketing Manager at Movio. My main focus is Movio Cinema, but I also dive head-first into our other products when required. To describe my role in the simplest terms, I bridge the gap between what the developers produce and how to take it to market. The products themselves are often very complex, so it’s my job to present them to our customers in a variety of digestible marketing materials. It’s a very diverse and fun role, and often requires a number of different ‘hats’ due to the large amount of collaboration.

8.00 AM - First things first: breakfast! I don’t drink coffee, so breakfast and a cup of green tea are must-haves for me. I also take this time to respond to emails and check Slack, the program we use to communicate internally. It’s always the same start to my day; headphones go on, food goes in, emails get written.

8.30 AM - I usually have all of my meetings at the beginning of the day so that I can remain focused in the afternoons when I get back to my computer. First up on a Wednesday is ‘The Panel’, the global forum we’ve created to discuss new ideas and features in Movio products. It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to voice their opinions and contribute to the company’s roadmap, which essentially maps out upcoming product and feature releases. The Panel is also a great time to get updates on the progress of our new modules and features, so I know which stage they’re sitting in on our product delivery framework.

9.00 AM - It’s now time for the marketing meeting, where the full marketing team catch up on upcoming projects. We discuss our key focuses for the next few days, and if there’s anything we’re going to need a hand with. We work collaboratively quite often, so these meetings are brilliant for touching base with everyone and keep track of the team’s progress on projects.

10.00 AM - Every week, I meet with the Movio Cinema product team, Cristina and Ryan, who are ultimately responsible for all of the product’s activity. This includes executing the product strategy, developing and maintaining the roadmap for their respective squads, defining the stories we build, and prioritizing the squad’s workload.

The difference between their role and mine is that my primary responsibility is to communicate the product’s value and understanding to the market. These meetings allow them to update me on the progress of development, any new projects that the squads are working on, and changes to the roadmap. With this information, I can organize my schedule and ensure all marketing materials required for each new feature or module are delivered on time.

Product Marketing Manager Meeting

11.00 AM - Now the whole office comes together, including the regional offices, to hear the latest company news from Movio’s Chief Executive. From revealing product updates to introducing new recruits to sharing successes, this time is taken to fill the whole company in on all things Movio.

12.15 PM - Time to serve up my homemade lunch and catch up with everyone around the kitchen table. If it’s a Monday, you’ll find me at the lunchtime yoga session covered by Movio. As the designated office health advocate, I had to mention it as I never miss a class and it’s a brilliant way to re-group halfway through a busy Monday.

1.00 PM - Time to get my teeth back into my projects. To avoid distraction, my headphones have become my best friend - and are rarely taken off during the afternoon. We are preparing to release a new module at the moment, so I’m finalizing the feature guide, product sheet and email campaigns, release strategy, and recording our user manual videos. Firstly, I need to write a script and get this signed off by the marketing, product, and account management teams. Next, I record the video and edit it in time with the script, before heading to the recording studio for the voiceover! This process involves matching the voiceover to the video, and adding in the background music. It sounds like a lot of work but it’s one of my favourite parts of a product release!

The videos are published in our online user manual, which assists our customers with learning how to use Movio Cinema. Our comprehensive user manual is interactive, explaining each part of the product and how to use it. We realised that our clients all learn in different ways, so we support each of the major topics with a step-by-step video to work alongside the written collaterals.

4.00 PM - I usually try to have a catch-up meeting with the Marketing Communications team around this time. The social media and website projects are handled by Anne-Laure, so when she requires Movio Cinema updates, we collaborate on releasing product information. I work with Ashleigh, our Content Publisher, on upcoming blog posts and possible advocacy content we could create with our clients, and for most of the other comms, I collaborate with Holly, our Marketing Communications Manager.

Myself and Holly plan future email campaigns based on upcoming features or module releases, and start creating them. I’ll write the copy using my product knowledge, and Holly takes care of converting that into an email alongside the design team. I love seeing our creations come to life!

5.00 PM - After work, I join in on the weekly cardio class that Movio provides. These classes are focused on a mixture of high-intensity interval training and yoga breaks to stretch things out. It’s a really great way to work up a sweat before heading home!

Being a part of the marketing team at Movio never gets boring, and I’m always working on a variety of projects. Take a look at our careers page for the latest marketing opportunities.


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