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How To Get Help From The Haskell Type Checker

Movio hosted the Auckland Functional Programming Meetup on 21 October and our Software Developer Chris Barrett presented a talk during the evening

Programming with Typed Holes

Like the mentalist, the Haskell type checker already knows the type of your program, giving you only smug errors as you try to get your poor program to compile. But all is not lost! In this talk, I describe a recently-added 'typed holes’ feature that turns the GHC type checker into your trusty sidekick. Check out the full presentation below.

Here are Chris's notes and code from the presentation.

If you're interested in developing your functional programming skills or sharing your knowledge with others visit scaladownunder.org.

The 2016 conference is broader to include all Functional Programming (FP), welcoming other FP communities like: Clojure, Haskell, F#, Erlang, Swift, OCaml, Idris, Elm, etc. Mark up your calendar for the next edition – 19-20 February 2016!


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