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Movio View: The Data And Technology Behind Our Innovation

Dr Bryan Smith and Nicolas Maquet discuss the technology behind our latest innovations.

24 Sep  · 10 min read
Dr Bryan Smith and Nicolas Maquet

GDPR: What It Means For Moviegoer Data

With the enforcement of GDPR beginning in May, Movio's Head of Technology, Nicolas Maquet, discusses how the new regulations will effect moviegoer data.

20 Mar  · 5 min read
Nicolas Maquet

Introducing Kasper: The Kafka Stream Processing Library Built For Go

Today we’re announcing the first Beta release of Kasper, a Go library for Kafka stream processing inspired by Apache Samza. 

18 Apr  · 10 min read
Nicolas Maquet

5 Useful Tips For Real-World Redux

We put our first React / Redux app into production a few weeks ago hear a few interesting patterns and tricks we've learnt along the way.

18 Jul  · 5 min read
Nicolas Maquet

How To Use Docker And Jenkins For Scalable Integration

This is the third part of our blog series on Docker at Movio; in part one we described how Docker helps our engineering teams streamline their development.

22 Dec  · 5 min read
Nicolas Maquet

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