Peter Beguely

Peter Beguely

Ex-Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

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Movio View: Propensity, Machine Learning, Automation, And Why It Matters

The days of relying purely on human experience to market movies are over! Peter Beguely and Dr Bryan Smith discuss the 2018 vision for Movio Cinema.

04 Dec  · 10 min read
Dr Bryan Smith and Peter Beguely

Speed And Accuracy: Peter Beguely And Dr Bryan Smith Discuss The Power Of Movie Insights

We sat down with Movio’s CPO, Peter Beguely, and Chief Data Scientist, Dr Bryan Smith, to find out about Movio's latest module, Movie Insights.

04 Apr  · 5 min read
Dr Bryan Smith and Peter Beguely
Movie Insights - Movio Cinema's latest module

Meet Movio: How Kiwi Innovation Changed The Film Industry

Kiwi innovation has changed the game with Movio Media. Movio CPO introduces us to the latest Movio offering.

02 Dec  · 5 min read
Peter Beguely

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