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Best Of The Blog: Uncovering Actionable Insights From Big Data

Here at Movio, we strongly believe in the transformative power of moviegoer behavioral and transactional data to enhance the movie-going experience. Our products maintain authoritative data on customer transactions from many of the world’s biggest cinema chains. Since the launch of our Movie Media research platform, we’ve analyzed millions of moviegoers to uncover actionable insights for the benefit of movie marketers. Many of our findings aren’t what you’d expect.

Our data-driven content proves to be the most popular, so we have decided to re-visit three of those pieces in this blog post. Want to find out more about how audiences evolve over time, the truth about Millennial moviegoers or the Horror genre revival? Read on to discover who your moviegoers really are.

Breaking the Blockbuster Code: Audience Evolution Patterns Revealed

Breaking The Blockbuster Code

In this white paper, Dr Bryan Smith and the Movio Data Science Team analyzed the audience evolution of some of the largest films of 2015 to look at how they changed over the course of their screening period. To give you a preview, they found young male (15-30 yo) moviegoers are the most likely to be in attendance on opening weekend, and the share of female audience grows in season. But what is the impact of these findings on film studio's movie marketing campaigns and how can this information be used?

Since this discovery, we’ve been commissioned to create formal audience evolution reports on specific films. You can explore the audience evolution of Box Office hits Deadpool and Wonder Woman.
Read more.

Understanding Millennial Moviegoers: A Data-Driven Playbook

Understanding Millennial Moviegoers: A Date-Driven Playbook

Millennials aka Generation Y are one of the largest generations in American history. This is an important time as they move into their prime spending years making them particularly interesting to cinemas, studios and advertisers. 

Conventional thinking has been that Millennials are not as engaged with moviegoing as previous generations, but is this actually true? Movio analyzed this generation and found out they are in a transitional phase of their life, and don’t exhibit consistent behavior as a group. Visiting on average 6.2 times a year and, accounting for 29% of box office spending, Millennials are clearly engaged with cinema. Read more.

Movio Media Shows Horror Films Aren't So Scary For Box Office

Movio Media Shows Horror Films Aren’t So Scary For Box Office

The past two years have seen horror films experience a resurgence with mega-hits including Don’t Breathe, Lights Out, and The Purge: Election Year making large returns off of relatively small budgets. 

The Movio Data Science team analyzed 24 horror movies released between January 2015 and September 2016 to uncover the true demographics of those moviegoers, and they discovered that the horror genre accounted for 10% of cinema visits for attendees under 30. Read more.


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