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Ready to kickstart your marketing campaign in the new year but need a nudge in the right direction? We’ve handpicked three of our most popular marketing blog posts, ready to be implemented into your 2017 marketing strategy. Enjoy!

The importance of control groups in B2C email marketing

control-groups-1 (1).png

The political process has long used surveys and exit polls to help predict an election’s result. By identifying and isolating different groups, these polls are used to help calculate how the rest of the population will behave come election day. Similarly, when running a targeted marketing campaign, a control group is used to help marketers quantify the success of their campaign by comparing the behavior of the targeted group with that of a sample size similar group that didn’t receive the campaign.

Control groups have a wide range of applications. They are often used in scientific research and political science, and in the case of our product, Movio Cinema, they can provide amazing insights on the success of targeted marketing campaigns. Read more.

By Cristina Borsan

Loyalty, to fee or not to fee?


In this blog, our Movio Experts share their experiences designing and running free and paid loyalty programs.

Our Strategic Partnerships Director, EMEA, discusses her knowledge of free loyalty programs and the Senior Vice President of our North American office, tackles what you can get out of a paid program. Ultimately they conclude that the right approach needn’t be black and white. Read more.

By Sarah Lewthwaite and Matthew Liebmann

Why Nordisk love event cinema so much right now

Over the last few years the screening of plays, concerts, operas or sports has seen event cinema grow in popularity all over the world. We are always looking for new opportunities and great experiences to offer our customers and we’re keen to develop a varied programme of event cinema screenings. In this blog we’ll tell you about our most recent events and how we leveraged Movio Cinema to ensure success and a great return on investment. Read more.

By Tiana Meintjes


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