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Mastering Cinema Marketing Campaigns: Anticipate

As Strategic Partnerships Director, EMEA based in London, I’m constantly learning from our customers, as well as sharing my knowledge. Movio works with leading exhibitors in many markets around the world and the interesting thing that we're seeing is while the underlying drivers of moviegoing are pretty much global in nature, how exhibitors achieve success within their markets vary in the mediums they're using, the messaging and their marketing tactics. We’ve seen that there's a 5-point performance cycle that the best loyalty programmes follow to really optimise their communications.

Campaign mangement Movio Cinema

The 5-point performance cycle includes:

  1. Anticipate Needs & Wants
  2. Ensure Relevancy
  3. Review Results
  4. Refine Strategies
  5. Re-engage

In this Campaign Management blog series i'll discuss these topics to show you the different ways you can go about getting the most out of your loyalty programmes data with Movio Cinema. This first post will focus on anticipating the needs and wants of moviegoers.


The best programmes don't just react to customer behaviour. They don't just look at what someone has done in the past. They actually get in front of the customer based on anticipatory criteria.

Cinema loyalty programmes are capturing vast amounts of behavioural, transactional, demographic and stated interest data. Having all of this rich data enables you to anticipate member needs and wants, while proactively planning campaigns.

What do people need?

A need could be as simple a paid membership renewal or an expiration of loyalty points.  In both cases, triggered emails can be configured to warn members in advance of either expiring.

What do people want?

On the want side it's a little bit trickier, however, best-in-class programmes are using the data they have to anticipate what someone wants. Members appreciate personalisation and acknowledgement which can be accomplished via a special message sent on their actual birthday.

How to achieve this in Movio Cinema

1 - Include members whose birthday is today.

birthday filter - Movio Cinema

Your loyalty members will also likely want information about films or experiences that are of interest or relevance to them. They will also want concession offers that are relevant to their particular tastes. These are things that you can anticipate based on the behavioural and transactional data that you have in your loyalty programme, which will ultimately improve your communication with your customers.

Relevant content is another want that can be simple to fulfil, but is often not considered (our second blog in this series will cover this in more detail).  The behavioural data accessible within Movio allows messaging to be easily tailored to a member’s specific film and concession interests.

How to achieve this in Movio Cinema

2 - Include members who have watched a movie tagged as Marvel.

Marvel - Filter Movio Cinema Better still, the implementation of a watch list provides a way for members to tell you exactly what they want to watch in the future.  No guessing on your part.  Simply send an alert when tickets are on sale for the movie on their watch list.  It’s what they want.

How to achieve this in Movio Cinema

3 -  Include members who have added Mad Max to their watch list.

Movie Watchlist - filter Movio Cinema

We’re always keen to hear about any new ways you are engaging with your customers. Feel free to join the conversation by letting us know how you use data to anticipate your moviegoers by leaving a comment below.

In the next blog in this series, I’ll give you some examples of how you can ensure relevancy in your communications.

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