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Enrich Your Member Knowledge Base Using Supplemented Data

Supplemented data is that which you find through external sources, such as member preferences or aggregated spend metrics, that allow you to go beyond traditional member profiling. In Movio Cinema, this data is referred to as custom member metrics (CMMs) and can be used to target through Group Builder filters and campaign personalization.

Movio Cinema imports member behavioral data and preferences and transforms it into useful, queryable information. It gathers this data from several sources including; member profile, member transactions and online behavior, and provides cinema marketers with the insights to create strategic marketing campaigns specifically for their customers. 

Below are some examples of extra data points you may have within your organization and how they can be used in Movio Cinema to enrich your knowledge base.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys are commonly used to measure the satisfaction and loyalty of your members. Based on the survey score, members are classified as a ‘detractor’, ‘passive’ or ‘promoter’. Having this information at your disposal is useful for:

  • Creating follow-up emails to share survey results or to get more feedback
  • Personalizing communication with your members, based on the group they are categorized under. For example, you might want to show your appreciation for your ‘promoters’ by providing some additional value-add offers. Alternatively, you can target your detractors to try to further understand their dissatisfaction.
  • Limiting the number of emails sent to members of the different groups

Sister companies’ data

Exhibitors that are part of a broader corporate group may have an opportunity to look further than their own transactional data and explore that of the other businesses in the group. You can discover whether or not a member is engaging with these businesses as well as yours, and use the information to enrich your member data and target these members accordingly.

If you plan to use the transactional data from other businesses in the group within Movio Cinema, you will need to extract transactional insights from that data and aggregate it before importing it using CMMs.

The usability of the data broadly depends on what exactly the other businesses are, but some ideas are:

  • Scoring members based on total spend with other businesses
  • Using the member’s preferred dining locations to recommend closely-situated movie theaters
  • Group members based on their purchases with other business, i.e. singles, couples, families, and target accordingly
  • Let your members know how much they have saved with the program

A good way to keep loyal members in your program is to let them know how much they have saved by being a part of it. This applies not only to paid loyalty programs, but also free points-based schemes by advising how much they have saved by redeeming rewards.

For paid programs, the calculation depends on the offering. For example:

1. Offering a percentage off on tickets

  • Savings = (A * B) - (A * %) - membership cost

2. Unlimited tickets

3. Savings = (A * B) - membership cost

  • A - number of tickets member purchased
  • B - normal ticket price
  • % - percentage off

If you’re offering a discount on concession items, i.e. 10% off food and drink for loyalty members, you can include this discount in your calculations.

After knowing how much each member has saved, you can bring those calculations into Movio Cinema via CMMs. You can use these CMMs as markers to promote the savings your members have received within your campaigns. Some examples include:

  • Reiteration of savings: remind your members how much they have saved including that data on every member newsletter
  • Filter members based on savings: using these CMM you can segment your members based on how much they have saved with your program and tailor your message accordingly

Send unique promotional codes to your members

In addition to Movio Cinema’s capability to directly apply rewards to your loyalty members accounts through our integration with point-of-sale, Movio Cinema also has the ability to distribute barcodes, QR codes or promo codes to members via CMMs. These additional ways of ‘surprising and delighting’ your members can help augment your existing promotional tactics.

In summary

The more data you have about your customers, the more targeted your emails and marketing campaigns can become. Exceed your customer expectations with directed communications they can really engage with. Speak to your account manager if you'd like to try custom member metrics in your own strategy.

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