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Entering A New Decade Of Movio Cinema

Over the last 10 years, Movio’s mission of ‘Connecting all moviegoers to their ideal movie’ has spearheaded our Movio Cinema product development focus. This has ultimately led to the platform being recognized as THE communication channel between exhibitors and moviegoers; hugely shaping the cinema industry’s lasting success. Our mission continues to hold true as we step boldly into our next 10 years of innovation.

Whilst the cinema industry is no stranger to disruption and change with emerging technologies, a dramatic change in the way data-value is realized in order to drive deeper engagement with connected moviegoers has occurred.  

Moving cinema into the new era

Movio’s investment in data scientists and Artificial Intelligence enabled cinemas to shift from mass-unstructured data, human interpretation and assumption, to data-intelligence which learns and grows with every moviegoer interaction. 

With our innovations in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, such as Dynamic Content, Movie and Audience Insights or Moviegoer Value Segments, Movio Cinema began the process of providing exhibitors with tools that fulfill their needs and deliver value they could not have delivered themselves; unless through complex and time consuming processes.

As we move into our next decade, it’s fair to say that these innovations are just the tip of the iceberg. We were ‘dipping our toes’ into Artificial Intelligence, to understand if it was just ‘technology hype’ or an exponential game-changer for the industry, worth investing in. And after several years of investment and learning, we are excited to be in a position where we can draw from our extensive experience, and strong domain expertise, to declare that there should be no going back and we are now firmly moving into the future. Our informed stance is that Artificial Intelligence is a fundamental technology upon which to deliver huge value to our clients and without it, our clients will simply be left behind.

In 2020 we are welcoming a new chapter for Movio Cinema, and our clients, which reflects our vision for the future. Below we take a closer look at four product focus areas and how they will shape Movio Cinema in the coming year and beyond. 

1. Leading with smart technology

Putting Artificial Intelligence at the center of our product, we will focus more on movies and promotions, driving recommendations, surfacing opportunities and proving our technology delivers results, like never seen before. 

Our end-users’ day-to-day interactions with Movio Cinema will be revolutionized; streamlined, intuitive and decisive. Freeing up valuable time and resources to allow space for more creativity and effective communications, while delivering on the results our clients care about. 

2. A simpler, smarter Movio Cinema

We are heavily investing in the user experience of Movio Cinema to make it more intuitive and engaging for all user levels. Utilizing data science and machine learning, we will cut to the chase of what you want to achieve, possible because we know our clients and we know their goals. 

We will get you there fast, optimizing over time with constant Machine Learning. This means that Movio Cinema will reduce the required industry knowledge to use the product and remove repetitive tasks. The result will be a cutting-edge fusion of UX and Data Science.

3. Relevant and actionable insights 

By better understanding our clients’ goals, we are able to help them achieve their overarching targets more effectively: more moviegoers, visiting more frequently, with a greater spend and preference for their theatres over competitors. Users on a mid to senior management level will find indispensable value in tracking program goals and seeing reliable insights surfaced by our new algorithms. 

4. The best of both worlds - Movio and Vista Cinema

Since our earliest days as an independent organization, Movio Cinema has integrated with the industry’s leading POS suppliers, providing real synergies especially through its close partnership with the world’s largest and leading company Vista Cinema

With access to historic moviegoing data, transactional data thanks to our integration with Vista Cinema, as well as third party data enrichment, Movio is the central moviegoer data platform in the industry. Our goal is to enable bi-directional data flows and allow for seamless integration with our clients’ tools.

“The integration between Movio and Vista Cinema enables clients to utilize all of their information they have on their moviegoers and create relevant and hyper-personalized communication - getting the best of both worlds.”, Mark Pattie, Head of Product Vista Cinema. “Creating tighter integrations with Vista Cinema products such as Loyalty, MovieXchange, and Subscription Services will make smart recommendations possible and reduces integration times and efforts.”

Stay tuned

Going forward our vision is that Movio Cinema will seamlessly integrate into a cinema marketers everyday life, providing best practice advice and recommendations, taking off manual and time-consuming tasks and providing space to nourish creativity and design strategies to engage with moviegoers.

As AI technologists, with deep domain expertise in cinema, we are excited to enter the new year and decade for Movio Cinema. With revolutionary innovations up our sleeves that will shape how cinema exhibitors around the world connect moviegoers to their ideal movie furthermore. Stay tuned for the unveiling!


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