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Movio Celebrates 5 Years Of Cinema Analytics

As the world donned Leia buns, Luke robes and all manner of other Star Wars-themed accoutrements to welcome the arrival of 'The Force Awakens' in December, we at Movio had even more reason for celebration – the new trilogy's long-awaited first instalment just so happened to coincide with our own fifth birthday celebrations. As a proud team of movie geeks, it only seemed right that we partake in the intergalactic festivities, so bedecked in our brand-new team t-shirts – designed and printed especially for the occasion – the Movio Crew converged on Auckland's Mission Bay for a private screening of Episode VII at Berkeley Cinema.

The fun never stops – coding at the party!

The fun never stops – coding at the party!

The evening kicked off with a few drinks, a few nibbles, and a good few laughs. After appetites and thirsts had been satisfactorily seen to, we relocated to the theatre proper for a quick run-through the company's history, courtesy of founders Will Palmer (CEO) and Peter Beguely (CPO). In between the jokes, the gaffes and the occasionally colorful language, it was amazing to see and hear how our company's grown and evolved so far. Since we all left feeling more than a little proud, we felt like it was only right that we share a few achievements.

Will and Pete take us through the Movio Story – bold gestures and all

Will and Pete take us through the Movio Story – bold gestures and all

What We've Achieved

Since our launch, we've captured 25% of the global market share of the large cinema circuit (cinemas with more than 20 screens), including over 50% market share in North America – that's over 24,700 screens worldwide. Our email send totals continue to track upwards, with 1.1 billion landing in loyalty member inboxes in Q3 of 2015, and our software tracks and profiles the real-time behavior and transactions of more than 32 million active cinema loyalty members worldwide. As you'd expect, all of this advancement has meant we've had to grow a bit: from seven employees in 2012, we're now sitting pretty with 52 permanent staff.

Basically, there's been plenty going on; for a more in-depth look, check out this handy infographic that we've put together for exactly this purpose:

From a two-man operation out of a West Auckland garage, we've scaled and conquered all kinds of impressive obstacles to become a truly global enterprise. Considering all of the cinema chains that have been integrated, campaigns executed and scores of loyalty members rewarded, it's fair to say that it's been a massive first five years for the Movio Crew – we'll leave you with our thoughts on 'The Force Awakens', and our sincere gratitude to everyone who's supported us so far. Here's to many more years of the same.



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