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Finding Your Audience With Group Builder

Since Movio Cinema launched, Group Builder has been a filter-based segmentation tool, allowing exhibitors to send out targeted communications. Today, Group Builder includes over 130+ different filters that can be mixed and matched to truly identify the ideal audience for any campaign. 

Movio Cinema has three key segmentation tools: Audience Insights, Movie Insights, and Group Builder. All three permit marketers to connect moviegoers to a targeted message but there are some key differences and specific use cases for each. The insights tools are driven by AI-algorithms, ideal for movie-specific use cases; whereas Group Builder is based on filters built over data. The different segmentation tools allow the marketer to build a full profile on each moviegoer - insights predicting the movie they should see based on past transactions and Group Builder building out the rest of the profile with non-movie related data. These work separately as great tools but can also be used together. For example, in Group Builder, you can further refine insights audiences resulting in a combination of movie-specific and non-movie related conditions for the group.  

Data optimization

Group Builder consists of filters that are built to sit over behavioral, transactional, marketing, and demographic moviegoer data points. Group Builder uses various conditions to categorize the data to build audiences. 

These include general behavioral patterns that we can identify including date preference or the cinema the moviegoer mostly attends.

These are filters that lie over transactions allowing marketers to target members based on spend patterns and the specific films they attended.

These are filters that track moviegoer interactions with marketing campaigns. This allows filtering based on interactions with emails, campaigns received and control groups.

These are filters built over demographics such as age and gender – this allows users to personalize communications targeting rated R audiences or Girls Nights Out for example.


  • Each filter includes conditions that help define what logic the marketer would like to add to their audience. These include: 
  • Rankings
  • Greater than, less than, equal to
  • More than, Less than
  • And vs Or
  • Include vs Exclude

Targeted campaigns – finding your ideal audience 

Every campaign sent should be applicable to the audience it is reaching. Data-driven marketing allows us to achieve this as long as we can make use of the information at hand. Group Builder allows marketers to dissect that information and create campaigns applicable to that person. 

Someone who attends the cinema twice a month but has low concession spend should receive a different promotion from someone who spends a lot on concessions but comes to the cinema twice a year. Different promotions motivate moviegoers in various ways – a free ticket will help get someone in the door but may not boost their concession spend. That free ticket would be best given to someone who very rarely goes to the cinema but has a high spend – motivating the guest to come back to the cinema. Carefully pairing promotions with the right group can create incremental visits and spend.

Use cases

  • Following a cinema shutdown, you may want to target people who signed up to your loyalty program during the closure to communicate their membership benefits. 
  • You are running a promotion for $5 off a cocktail and only want to target those of legal age. 
  • You have a blackout at one of your cinemas during the 10am showing and want to communicate to moviegoers that attended that session.
  • You want to increase attendance at lower-performing cinemas
  • You’d like to increase concession spend for frequent moviegoers with low average spend.  

Take a ‘picture’ and save that audience

Once you set up the filters in Group Builder for the audience you would like to target, you can save this as a Snapshot. The Snapshot saves the logic behind the filters. Once a Snapshot is saved, this can be used in multiple campaigns – every time a campaign executes using that Snapshot, the filters are run, and the campaign sends to the most up-to-date audience based on the data from execution time. 


Once you have your group set up, you can click on our Dashboard in Group Builder. This provides at-a-glance information on that audience including average monthly frequency, spend averages, demographics, and more. The Dashboard can provide additional information and analysis that can inform positioning and any further refining that might need to be made to a campaign. 

Meeting your goal with Group Builder

Each communication and campaign should have an end goal and Group Builder has the ability to find the right audience to reach it. With its 130+ moviegoer-centric filters, Group Builder is the perfect choice to help you further refine and segment your insights-based audience. This makes it an incredibly powerful tool to create hyper-personalized communications, allowing you to build a deeper and meaningful connection with your guests. 

To find out more about Group Builder and to see this tool in action, contact us here.

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