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Five Filter Combinations You Can Be Using Right Now

Whether you are looking to connect members with their ideal movie, segment the theaters that are open, use marketing metrics to target for a survey, or matching the right promotion to a member – Movio has you covered. With theaters reopening, we curated a list of filter combinations that can make a real difference in your campaigns.

1. Cinema and movie targeting

One of the most common filter combinations are cinema and movie targeting. Movie Insights and Audience Insights uses our AI algorithms to identify each member’s ideal movie and their likelihood of seeing that film. Located under the ‘Analyze’ tab, you can create your models using comp titles, export directly to Group Builder or continue filtering down if desired.


Decide whether to best use Movie Insights or Audience Insights – learn the difference here!

2. Members who transacted since reopening and vice versa

We have noticed that members who already came back to theaters since the closure are coming back multiple times. This group is great to target to create a ‘surprise and delight’ email for coming to the cinema. You can also separate these members from those who haven’t attended a session. This allows you to send two versions of a newsletter: one that is more content-focused to those who went back to the theater and another to those who have yet to come back emphasizing safety measures and the theatrical experience.

Including those who transacted since closure or recently signed up for a membership:

Excluding those who transacted since closure and include people who were active prior to shut down:


3. Marketing engagement targeting

There are many cases where you might want to target members based on how they interact with your campaigns. In the below example, we excluded members who received a certain campaign and included those who opened the email of another. You may be looking to send a feedback survey with a reward for taking it but want to limit the number of members that can possibly get the reward - using ‘campaign email opened’ can limit the liability of sending to a large group and makes it more likely this group will open the email to take the survey.


And don’t forget you can segment even further with ‘specific campaign link clicked.’ This is great for sending campaigns to ‘click here to be reminded when tickets are on sale’:


4. Low member frequency and high monetary spend

You have selected theaters that are open now and want to create a promotion or targeted communication to those who are your high spenders. Even further, you want to target a group of high spenders who have a low frequency with a promotion to get them back to the theater. Using the filter combination ‘cinema most frequented’ ‘monthly visitation frequency’ and ‘average spend’ gives you the flexibility to target this group. In the below, we included members who: 

  • Have been to the theater in the past two years* (you can change this to target active members (12 months or less) or adjust as you’d like)
  • Their cinema is a theater that is open
  • They are in the bottom 20% for monthly frequency
  • They are in the top 20% for average spend of members


Other alternatives: you can change the rankings to create different combinations of high frequency, low spend or high frequency, high spend. Additionally, if you want to target behavior on concession spend specifically you can use the filter ‘average concession spend.’

Expert Tip:
In Movie and Audience Insights, you can easily target members based on their ideal film and filter down by their recency, frequency and monetary spend. This allows you to create emails for a member connecting them to the film they are interested in and a promotion in response to their behavior at the theater.


5. Age, gender and movie targeting

Wonder Woman 1984 is now in theaters and you want to put together a creative event and make sure the right audience receives it. You decide to do a Girls Night Out event at Cinema 10 that is open to all those over the legal alcohol age (21+ or 18+). Let’s use the filters to find out a) who is interested in the film b) all who selected female as their gender in the group and c) those who are legally able to be served alcohol.


With 130+ filters, Movio has the ability to create uniquely targeted recipients to fit your needs. These 5 filter combinations can be put into action right away to enhance your CRM strategy, reach out to moviegoers with highly personalized emails and connect each member to their ideal movie.

*Typically, active members are defined as last transacted 12 months or less, however, due to the pandemic affecting theatrical attendance, the above is adjusted to encompass those who last transacted 2 years or less.


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