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How Loyalty Campaigns Enhance Visitation

Producing long-term sustainable visitation frequency increases with data-driven marketing campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns are a key pillar of engagement with moviegoers, but directly attributing their effects on moviegoer behaviour often goes unnoticed.

In a recent long-term study partnered with one of the leading cinemas in the UK & Ireland, Movio sought to measure exactly how much impact data-driven email campaigns can have on driving long-term sustainable changes in visitation frequency.

For an entire year, we followed 100,000 of the exhibitor’s marketable loyalty members, seeking to discover whether data-driven marketing campaigns could:

  • Increase the frequency of moviegoer visits?
  • Increase the spend of moviegoers?
  • Increase the rate at which moviegoers convert to visiting following email marketing communications?

Carry on to discover the full insights our research uncovered.

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