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Leading Studio Finds Its Action-Thriller Audience With Movio

We know demographic-based segmentation will target many moviegoers who are interested in a given title. However, it will also target plenty of moviegoers who simply are not interested, wasting valuable marketing budget.

A leading Hollywood studio reached out to leverage Movio’s behavioural audience segmentation - powered by actual U.S ticket purchase data - to identify the individual moviegoers likely to attend their 2019 male-led action movies. 

Analysing both individual and collective attendance data, Movio’s AI-driven Propensity Algorithm takes behavioural segmentation a step beyond comp titles, identifying likely moviegoers not only through their own ticket purchase histories but also through the attendance behaviour of moviegoers with similar tastes. This approach empowered the studio to bypass assumption-based demographic targeting, scale beyond comp list targeting, and direct their finite marketing dollars toward moviegoers with a proven affinity for similar action movies. 

Discover more below about how this studio used Movio’s AI-driven tools to yield maximum marketing efficiency, along with producing a 38x return on ad spend (ROAS) across all campaigns.

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