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Celebrating Star Wars Day: May The Fourth Be With You

As total movie geeks we at Movio HQ in Auckland decided it was our duty to embrace Star Wars day!

May The Forth is celebrated by Star Wars fans all over the world as the day to indulge geeky obsessions, and all things Jedi, Ewok or Sith.

The team took park in a themed lunch which included: Yoda Soda, Darth Vader cake, Princess Leia Sausage rolls, The forest moon of Endor Salad, Millennium Falcon Pizza, Yoda Ears and a Wookie cake.

Movio may the 4th

Darth Vader Cake

Fancy Dress was a must, and even Jedi's and Darth Vader himself couldn't beat this guy! Nicolas did his usual commute on foot to the office as C3PO.

C3PO Costume

Throughout the day we also ran a 'Yoda Hunt'. (He'd got lost while trying to find some Hobbits in New Zealand to train in his Jedi ways.) Clues were put out every hour via the special Slack channel we set up for him until Yoda was located and placed safely on our colleague's desk.

Movio Mariano

So that's Star Wars day over for another year. It was all very enjoyable, and we recommend running events in your office as it's a great way for the team to break away from everyday routine and use the force for fun!


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