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Meet Movio: The New Batch II

We had so many great newbies to talk about that here's part two of our 'new batch' introducing you to the latest additions to the Movio Crew.

Meet Movio - Raghuvir KasturiRaghuvir Kasturi - Software Engineer

How was your experience relocating from India?

“The move to Auckland and joining Movio could not have been any smoother. I found both the city and the company

to be extremely culturally diverse and welcoming, and it didn’t take me long to fit in with the team.

Day to day life at work is a well-balanced mix of self-improvement and execution; an ideal feedback loop made possible by the incredible company culture. It’s been just over three months since I made the move and I already feel more at home than I have anywhere else.”

Meet Movio - Richard GreenwoodRichard Greenwood - Business Development Manager, Asia Pacific

How have you found a change in industry sector?

“I was pretty daunted stepping into a sector that not only did I have no experience in but also that I would be working with people that were the experts in their field.  Coming from a large corporate in the energy sector I was focused on finding a role in a growing and dynamic company. I have found the technology sector to be bubbling with opportunity and growth, and we are at the forefront in New Zealand with seemingly something new developed and presented everyday.

The challenges here are only ever "do we have enough time" never 'we can't do that' there is always new and exciting things to be done. Having a developing product is interesting by its own merits, add in the size, scope and scale of the movie industry and it is a recipe for a fascinating work environment.

Movio has provided me with the most interesting first three months; robust management processes, regular staff engagement activities, a positive working environment and dedicated staff, I am very happy to be working here and excited about this company's future.”

Meet Movio - Karthik SubraKarthik Subra - Data Scientist

As a recent PhD student how has Movio catered for you?

“As a recent PhD student the company has enabled me to transition very smoothly from academic research into the business environment. My PhD research (at the Auckland

Bioengineering Institute) was in mathematical modelling, and I was attracted to Movio because I wanted to continue working in this field for a New Zealand company. My current work is closely linked to my PhD studies, allowing me to fully utilize my expertise.

Since joining I have been involved in numerous projects concurrently, working with several teams including the Development teams, Marketing team, and Executive team. This variety of work has made my time here both interesting and challenging. The company's policy of ‘throwing you in the deep end’, along with valuable mentoring from our Chief Data Scientist, means that I have been able to gain a considerable amount of new knowledge and produce results in a very short period of time. Movio provides a stimulating and engaging environment to conduct research in, and so far I have found my work rewarding and fun.”

Meet Movio - Wasiq KashkariWasiq Kashkari - Software Engineer

What was your impression of Movio before you joined the team?  

“My interview took place during Friday drinks so it was super loud and social. That gave me the impression that the

people that worked here were not the traditional 'tech' employees with no social skills :). My first impression was therefore really positive and it looked like a really good place to work.

When I was going through the application process I also had a good look through the website, which was really interesting and made me think that people here were keen to learn new concepts and ideas, as well as working with the latest technologies and on interesting projects. The exec team interview videos on the Movio YouTube channel were especially useful to me because they showed the passion and intelligence the exec team provide. This was something I had always craved at work so it really drew me to the company.”

Meet Movio - Adam CoxheadAdam Coxhead - Tester

What attracted you to work for Movio?

“The thing that initially attracted me the most was the great work culture the company promoted. The website, blog and Meet Movio videos all conveyed a

genuine enthusiasm about working for Movio as well as an enthusiasm for what the people were working on. This enthusiasm coupled with the interesting tech and approach to development really gave me a feeling that is was a fun, innovative and an interesting place to work.”


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