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How The Movio Social Module Powers Up Your Movie Analytics

The Movio Social Module provides powerful social media insights from your loyalty members that complements and enhances the insights already available in Movio Cinema.

In June, Peter Beguely wrote about the benefits that this new module offers to both exhibitors and loyalty members. I’d like to add to Peter’s blog and summarize how you can implement the Movio Social Module and give actual examples of how you can use it to power up your Movio Cinema analytics.

How it works

The integration of the Movio Social Module with your website or mobile app is simple.

Firstly, you’ll need to create an app on each social network that you would like your members to be able to log in with on your website. For example, if you would like your members to sign in with Facebook, you will need a Facebook app.

The next step is to integrate a Social Sign-on provider (SSO) with your website or mobile app. Social Sign-on providers link a member’s many social network accounts together and provide a unique identifier (Social ID) for each member. Social Sign-on has benefits that extend far beyond just being able to acquire more data about your members. It assists with membership creation by taking information directly from the members social profile, without the user having to take the time to type it out. It also improves data quality, reduces the chances of typos and intentional mistakes, and also gives the member one less password to remember.

Movio - Social Integration

Movio provides a Social Sign-on implementation that is powered by Appreciation Engine, as well as integrating with market leaders such as Gigya and Janrain. Movio Cinema can also integrate with your own custom Social Sign-on implementations.

The Social ID provided by your SSO provider then needs to be associated with the member’s loyalty identifier. The mapping between these two identifiers allows Movio Cinema to combine a member’s social actions with their cinema data. The union of these two powerful data sets ultimately allows you to measure how social activity impacts box office and concession sales. This allows your marketers to effectively allocate their budgets across different social media networks for maximum return.

Positioned for success

Your social brand is pivotal to the successful implementation of the Movio Social Module. The key insights that Movio Cinema provides are derived from the interactions that your connected members have with your social brand.

The Movio Social module combined with Movio Cinema can find socially active loyalty members who are avid moviegoers and who spend above average at your cinemas. You can harness the influence of these brand advocates by targeting them through Movio Cinema. For example, by sending a targeted campaign which incentivizes them with loyalty points to share your latest Facebook photo. Once your campaign is complete, you can use Movio Cinema to find all loyalty members who were contacted, incentivized, have shared your specific photo, and reward them.

Actionable insights

Now that you have powered up Movio Cinema with social insights, you will now be able to see how your members are interacting with your social brands. This unlocks a new set of opportunities allowing you to further refine the way that you engage with your members.

You can do this through Group Builder filters in Movio Cinema. As an example, you might want to find members who are likely to see ‘Ted 2.’ Using the new Social Media Activity filters, you can find members who re-tweeted your ‘Ted 2’ photo on Twitter. You can then add every member who watched the first ‘Ted’ movie at your cinema, and include all members who have watched the ‘Ted 2’ trailer on your website, using Movio’s Web API.

Movio Social filters

In summary

The Movio Social Module gives you access to up-to-date, dynamic and actionable data. Using Movio Cinema campaigns is a great way to encourage your loyalty members to connect their social accounts and, as a result, grow your social media audience. This is how you can increase your brand’s reach, and start meaningful conversations with your members. You can use recurring campaigns to reward members who connect their accounts, use gamification to add points to members who take action on your social media channels, as well as giving you an opportunity to build advocacy within your online fanbase.

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