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Movio Taps Into Growing Asian Cinema Markets

Lumière Pavilions in China, and TGV Cinemas in Malaysia embark on a brand new personalised marketing experience with Movio. They have implemented Movio customer intelligence and campaign management solution, which is integrated with their point-of-sale software.

Shanghai, China – 8th September, 2014 – Movio, the global leader in marketing data, analysis, insights, and campaign creation and management for theatrical exhibitors and distributors, is proud to announce two new Asian customers.

Chinese cinema exhibitor Lumière Cinemas are keen to adopt innovative ideas and technologies. Considered to be a high-end trendsetter within the cinema industry, Lumière’s global vision is to deliver an unforgettable cinema experience’. This pioneering company is always at the forefront of technology and adopting new ways of doing business. Being one of the first in the country, and in the region, to adopt the Movio Software-as-a-Service solution will enable them to tap into their audiences’ behaviour and offer them a truly unique experience, which aligns with their company vision.

“Without our audiences, there would be no Lumière Cinemas. Every individual audience member is important to us, so improving their experience with us, and personalizing the offers we can present to them is vital,” states Jimmy Wu, Founder, Lumière Pavilions.

Lumière Cinemas in China will be the first customer to deploy the multilingual version of the Movio platform. Will Palmer, CEO at Movio says: “this is a truly exciting partnership for us. Not only are we moving into a brand new market, but we are also regionalizing parts of our product for the first time into a language other than English. The strength of the Chinese market makes it a highly attractive region, and Lumière Pavilions is an excellent and ambitious business partner to be working with.“

China now has the second largest movie market in the world. The growth of the Chinese Cinema market presents huge opportunities for companies like Lumière Pavilions to get ahead with customer intelligence marketing. This month the LA Times reported a 22% growth of the Chinese box office, grossing $2.2 billion in the first half of 2014. The top movie was domestic, but imported US titles took half of the total ticket sales.

Lawrence Wang, Business Development Director Asia at Movio, comments: “signing Lumière and TGV Cinemas in Asia are both great fits for Movio. Their loyalty strategy will be hugely complemented by what our software can offer them. Both exhibitors have continuously been ahead of the game, so this partnership will help them stay at the forefront of their industry.”

TGV Cinemas is the owner and operator of one of the largest cinema chains in Malaysia, and has an exclusive partnership with IMAX® Corporation to bring IMAX theatres to Malaysia. Like Lumière Pavilions, they too will be the first in their country to implement Movio, and TGV Cinemas is no stranger to industry’s firsts. They first introduced the multiplex concept to Malaysia in the 1990s and is currently operating 22 cinemas with almost 190 screens. They were also the first to operate a fully digitised cinema.

In line with its company vision to provide the public with the "ultimate cinema-going experience" TGV Cinemas aims to offer the all-in-one package for their moviegoers.  Their various options and facilities are ripe for personalisation and targeting to ensure their customers will receive offers specifically tailored for them.

“As the country’s [Malaysia’s] leading exhibitor and multiplex cinema chain operator, we want our patrons to not only go home with memories of the movie, but most importantly, to rave about their overall cinema experience. The ability to accurately measure our return on investment will enable us to refine future campaigns, and therefore offer a fantastic and personalised service to our customers,” says Gerald V. Dibbayawan, Chief Executive Officer of TGV Cinemas.

If you are interested in learning more about Movio’s Software-as-a-Service solution please get in touch.

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