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Movio View: The Benefits Of Tracking Customer Behavior On Your Website

Movio Cinema combines marketing analytics with campaign management, allowing cinema exhibitors to run highly targeted campaigns and measure the campaign performance at the box office. The platform allows users to analyze and target cinema loyalty members’ by their demographics and transactional behavior, but there's even more you can find by using the Movio Cinema Web API. This allows you to see how your members interact with your website, unlocking many new preferences that will help you target and communicate with your customers better. In this blog I'll answer three FAQ's about the Web API and what it means for Movio Cinema users.

What is the Movio Cinema Web API?

The Movio Cinema Web API allows you to track the below six interactions your loyalty members may have with your website.

  1. Website logins
  2. Visiting a movie details page
  3. Aborting a ticket purchase
  4. Rating a movie
  5. Watching a trailer
  6. Adding a movie to a watchlist

The interactions are collected and the data is then sent to Movio Cinema for you to access for analysis, segmenting and campaigns. This provides you new sources of data for segmenting your loyalty members based on your customers actions online. This data is especially useful for creating groundswell for upcoming releases e.g. find all those who viewed a movie’s page and watched a trailer and send them an invite to the movie premiere.

What are the benefits for Movio Cinema customers?

Cinema exhibitors who track their customers’ behaviors on their website have more leverage to incentivize them to take action :

  • You can provide better movie recommendations based on the customer's rating of a movie rather than the fact they watched it.
  • You can find the most likely people to share content for upcoming movies based on their online activity for that movie e.g viewed a movie’s trailer online.
  • You can also combine with other sources of online behavior including social media actions and in-cinema behavior to craft groups that are highly targeted and likely to want to see a particular movie.

How can tracking online behavior aid personalization for your customer communications?

Keeping your loyalty members engaged is vital to retaining your most valuable customers and personalization is the key to your campaigns standing out from the crowd.

The Movio Cinema Web API equips you with that extra insight that can really take personalization to the next level by:

  • Produce personalized emails that include movies that are on a loyalty member’s watchlist but they’re yet to have seen.
  • Send an offer to a loyalty member who started but never completed a ticket purchase for a particular movie.
  • Remind members of a movie that they showed interest in but may have forgotten about e.g. watched trailer online but they're yet to purchase a ticket.
  • Identify  the best target audience  for a new release by finding those who've watched the entire trailer online.

This additional data allows cinema marketers to better consider, how they send the right message, at the right time via the right channel. Our blog '3 golden rules for successful email marketing' gives some further advice on executing this as does 'A recipe for successful cinema loyalty emails' by Movio Expert Sarah Lewthwaite.


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