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Movio View: How Movio Is Making The Movie Industry Smarter

Movio Media uses aggregated moviegoer data to provide comprehensive audience profiles and highly targeted, cost-effective campaign solutions. Chief Executive, Will Palmer, gives his Movio View of the benefits and impact that this dataset can provide to the whole movie industry.

How do you think the movie industry can benefit from the breadth of data Movio Media holds on moviegoers?

I think that capturing the attention of moviegoers via competing media requires a highly personalized approach. By understanding the moviegoers demographic profile including: age, gender and ethnicity, coupled with behavioral and historical viewership data that Movio Media already stores, studios can devise content and marketing strategies that are more relevant to the audience.

Two factors make Movio Media really different; the size of the sample of moviegoers and the fact that it really does cover the whole U.S. marketplace. We're talking about a sample that represents about a third of all U.S. cinema screens and around 29% of all avid moviegoers. Uniquely, Movio Media also has all of the moviegoers’ transactional history. Therefore, a marketer can look at any demographic and see how that demographic behaves over time across all its film behavior, and not just one film in isolation. This is how trends are discovered which enables the industry to build a content strategy or marketing strategy around those trends. I think that combination makes Movio Media something that the market hasn't seen before.

How does Movio Media help movie studios refine their marketing strategies to increase their ROI?

Firstly, we're able to build an audience profile for a specific movie, or the studios and distributors themselves are able to build an audience profile, which is based on leading edge data science, including Movio’s proprietary Audience Similarity Algorithm.

Secondly, studios are now able to compare the audience ethnicity against comp titles, or genres, or any other group that they might want to benchmark against. This has been seen as a missing piece of data for movie marketers in the U.S. Now, with ethnicity added to the mix, the industry has more information in front of them to make better-informed decisions about how to produce more relevant and personalized campaigns to each group of Americans.

Thirdly, they’re able to evaluate the audience evolution from the opening night of the film right through the entire run to see how the profile changes during the release of the film. By analyzing any changes seen they can then look at how they should alter their marketing strategy to accommodate this audience shift.

What impact does this data have on the industry’s marketing as a whole?

Movio Media can take our understanding of moviegoers behavior to the next level for the U.S. market.

The impact of this for movie marketers will be twofold. I think firstly, it will help refine the marketing strategy to deliver the right message to the right moviegoer at the right time. It's this relevance and personalization that I think movie marketers are always striving for and it's always hard in the theatrical business to achieve that.

I think the second benefit will be that once the campaigns have been delivered, marketers can  measure the impact of the campaign based on actual box office performance. For example, if you run a highly targeted campaign that's based on a particular group you'll be able to measure at the box office whether that group responded to your marketing, and therefore refine your future strategies.

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