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The New Wave Of Movie Marketing

At Movio, we’re all about maintaining the magic of cinema through the connection of moviegoers to their ideal movie. Getting the right message to the right person at the right time through the right communication channel is imperative for movie marketers reaching their business objectives. With the ongoing challenge of maximizing box office in an increasingly tighter timeframe and in the face of constant new releases, we’ve built an opportunity to generate incremental returns using data-driven marketing.

In this white paper, we introduce our Propensity Algorithm™. Exhibitors, studios and other cinema industry stakeholders have already embraced our Similarity Algorithm™, which uses historical attendance data to measure movie similarity based on the relative overlap of the audience between two movies, but we still view this as a binary tool.

To take targeting to the next level, we needed to be able to quantify a moviegoer’s level of interest in a particular movie - and Movio’s data science team have done just that. Take a look at our white paper to uncover the next step in successful, data-driven movie marketing.

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