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Take A Leap: Our Advice On Relocating To New Zealand

Quitting your job and moving to a new country can be a nerve-wracking experience. It might feel like there are a hundred things to organize, no-one to help at the other end and a subtle - or not-so-subtle - fear of the unknown. But, fear not! If you’re wanting to join the innovation and excitement of Movio, we’ve got all the information you need to feel comfortable in no time.

You’re One Of Us!

The Movio Crew are an ever-growing, multicultural team with people from all across the globe - 29 different countries to be exact. With so many faces originating from different parts of the world, the Movio work culture is one full of fresh ideas, open-mindedness and collaboration. We welcome new people with open arms, and are always on the hunt for individuals who share our passion for both movies and technology.

Lindsay Jopson, Movio’s Engineering Manager, says, “Movio has a diverse and talented team which we really embrace and are proud of. Together, we create incredibly complex and effective movie marketing solutions that push the boundaries. A big part of our success comes from the passionate, driven people that join us from all over the world, so we never considered restricting ourselves to a local market.”

Movio now operates in 35 countries - and counting - and has offices all around the world with our HQ in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. Are you considering taking the leap to the other side of the globe? Take a look at our top tips, and discover how others have done it before you!

New Zealand Is In Australia, Right?

Not quite! New Zealand is its own country with a small population of just under 4.7 million, which gives the country a uniquely friendly and laid-back feel. The majority of the population live in Auckland and surrounding areas, and you can find everything you need nearby - with the added bonus of beaches and quiet escapes just a short drive away. New Zealand is home to the All Blacks, some of the best swimming spots in the world (we promise we’re not biased), and the Great Kiwi BBQ - something we celebrate every month with the whole office.

New Zealand workplaces are known for their work/life balance and positive can-do attitude. At Movio, we’re no different. We develop incredible products and work creatively to deliver them in exciting ways to our customers, but we also like to socialize and enjoy time away from our computers. From weekly yoga classes, an annual ski trip and shared lunches to team cinema visits, Hackathons and May The Fourth celebrations, there’s never a dull moment in the Movio offices.

Relocation: What Are The Crew Saying?


Paul Ellis
Software Engineer

Moved from London, England to NZ in October 2017.

I’m originally from Italy, but lived in London for five years until my recent relocation to New Zealand. I applied for the role of Software Engineer at Movio, and was at my desk within a month. Movio sponsored my Talent Work Visa - thanks to their accreditation, it made the process run smoothly and Callie was there to help with flights, finding an apartment and any questions I had along the way.

New Zealand feels like a dream. I love nature - the forest, outdoors, beaches - and here, there’s plenty. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the country, as so far it has been great. I feel both relaxed and energized here!

The work culture at Movio is brilliant - there’s such a great work/life balance. Mornings are always for business and we get a lot of work done, but some afternoons include forums where we all gather, talk about new technology and figure out how we can use it at Movio. I find it amazing that the developers here are so encouraged to try new technologies. Even if the system works well, it’s always a case of finding new technologies to make it even better.

Top Tip:Make the most of the flight here! Flights to Asia are fairly cheap from New Zealand once you’re settled, but I do wish I’d broken up my 26 hour flight with a stop in Thailand or the Philippines.


Audrey Authom
Web Developer

Moved from Brussels, Belgium to NZ in April 2016.

When I applied for a Web Developer position at Movio, I was still living in Brussels (my hometown). I went through an interview and a technical test via video call, and Callie guided me through the immigration process, advising me when I had to choose a longer work visa.

My team is awesome; they’re good at what they do, they’re compassionate humans and I really enjoy working with them. I feel like I’m welcome to share my ideas and make them happen.

At Movio, I particularly enjoy the fact that we have a lot of different nationalities. A diverse staff offers a bigger variety of viewpoints. Diversity helps to think outside the box and also makes the workplace more interesting!

Top Tip: The most stressful thing for me was waiting for the Belgian Government services to send me the paperwork I needed! I’d encourage anyone making the big move to get the paperwork sorted in your home country, rather than asking to have the papers mailed to NZ.


Benjamin Bindo
Integration & Support Specialist, APAC

Moved from Paris, France to NZ in March 2017.

I moved to New Zealand from Paris after working there for seven years, although I’m originally from Belgium. A friend of mine had visited New Zealand and fallen in love, so I had to come over and see for myself! My plan was to travel around, see if I liked it, and then apply for a job. I loved it, found Movio, and here I am!

The process was fairly straightforward - I was advised by Callie to apply for the Work to Residence Visa, as I did want to stay here indefinitely. My offer of employment came through within two weeks of applying, and then my visa took around five weeks to be approved.

The great thing about Movio is the fact that you’re surrounded by passionate people who are good at what they do. It’s inspirational. The work atmosphere is really Google-style - that’s the only way I can describe it! It’s hip, trendy and we’re really encouraged to enjoy our jobs.

Top Tip: Read up! I read so much on the internet about visas, relocation and New Zealand in general that I felt well-prepared. Without all of that knowledge, it would have been a much trickier process and I’m not sure I would have been as successful in staying here.

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The Nitty Gritty: Our Relocation Checklist

Below are some helpful tips and tricks put together by the Movio Crew that should make planning a move much easier:

  • First things first - Visas. Check out Immigration NZ to find out which Visa you require, the cost and the time involved in processing. Note: we are an Accredited Employer.
  • Open up a bank account and set up your IRDnumber. Both are straightforward, you will just need to provide an address - even if it’s only a temporary one.
  • Bring your driver’s license! It may be valid here, you’ll just need to get it translated by an Approved Translator if it’s not in English.
  • Research life in Auckland. The city has a mixture of cultures and nationalities and is also known for its high standard of living. There’s also lots to do, so get exploring!
  • Be sociable! Websites like Meetup and Move2nz, and Facebook Groups are great for connecting with people before you arrive, or come along to one of the Movio Meetups if you’re already here.
  • Need more information? Check out NZ Ready for further tips.

Ready To Go?

If you are interested in joining the team and starting a new chapter in Auckland, check out our latest job positions on the careers page. For more on life at Movio take a look at our other blog posts.


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