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Supercharge Your Facebook Advertising With Movio's Advanced Segmentation

The digital advertising industry has seen tremendous growth over the last decade due to its ability to connect brands with consumers through digital display ads on their favorite channel. Facebook is not only the largest social network in the world but they’re also one of the biggest advertising platforms on the internet. 

Targeting ads based on the data Facebook holds on consumers is a straightforward process. However, advertising on Facebook can be a daunting prospect; there’s no guarantee that you’ll reach your target audience, or be able to attribute the cost to the intended action you wanted someone to take. Supplementing behavioral data into Facebook from other platforms has traditionally been a manual and time consuming affair that involved the passing of CSV files between platforms. Additionally, it’s difficult to measure the impact that these Facebook campaigns had on a moviegoers’ box office and concession spend. 

Facebook Custom Audiences explained

A Facebook Custom Audience is an ad targeting service made up of your existing contacts, allowing you to import email addresses for targeted advertising. Custom Audiences are an increasingly-essential part of an effective omni-channel strategy, allowing exhibitors to interact with their moviegoers beyond the channels they directly control and across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Facebook Audience Network (3rd party apps). This creates an opportunity to reach known moviegoers who are not opted in to receive the exhibitors’ communications directly. 

Custom Audiences are essentially a matching system, pairing a hashed email with that moviegoer’s Facebook profile. It’s important to note that Facebook does not:

  • Learn any new identifying information about these contacts
  • Inform you of which members were matched
  • Reveal who was exposed to the advertisement
  • Report on how many members within the Custom Audience performed the desired action

This is where Movio’s new Facebook campaigns come in. 

One of the core benefits of Movio Cinema is its unique ability to apply AI-driven data science techniques to your moviegoer data to predict future behavior. Our innovative products allow you to easily create and send hyper-targeted direct marketing campaigns (i.e. email, SMS or push notifications) resulting in statistically-proven uplift results. Our latest innovation allows you to utilize Movio’s behavioral-based segmentation to effortlessly create targeted Facebook Custom Audiences, and measure the impact of these digital campaigns with integrated closed-loop reporting; something you’d never be able to do through traditional Facebook advertising, or with anyone else.

How it works

The way it works is simple. We’ve created a seamless integration with Facebook that connects Movio Cinema directly with your organization’s Facebook Ad Account. You can use all your favorite behavioral-based segmentation tools within Movio Cinema, easily set up a campaign, and use that segment for targeted display ads. Creating this type of campaign will automatically create a Custom Audience in your Ad Account based upon the targeted group you formed in Movio Cinema, directly linked to this campaign. Upon campaign execution, your targeted recipient list will be sent to Facebook. Please note, you will still need to manage your ad creative and spend from your company’s Facebook Ads Manager.


Key benefits of using Facebook campaigns

Sending Facebook campaigns to your moviegoers allows you to:

  • Communicate with moviegoers beyond your email, SMS and push channels, including with those who have previously opted out of these channels*
  • Use Facebook’s Lookalike Audience capabilities to communicate with moviegoers beyond your membership base - even those who typically visit your competitors
  • Understand the impact of your Facebook campaigns with Movio’s closed-loop engagement and uplift reporting 
  • Contributes to developing a true Omni-Channel strategy, with all your channels working in synergy to deliver your moviegoers a personalized, targeted and engaging message

Proven results

We asked an exhibitor to beta test our Facebook campaign solution during its early stages. 

The client wanted to drive visitation to their cinema. They used Movio’s advanced segmentation tools to find a target audience based on their historical moviegoing behavior. They then split their list into two equal groups to form a target group and control group - those who were sent to Facebook Custom Audiences versus those who were not and were not exposed to the ad. 

The results were outstanding! The target audience saw an 18% increase in visitation and a 12% increase in average spend per member.

Getting started

To get started with Facebook campaigns, you will first need to be on an Innovation Agreement for Movio Cinema. There is a small integration piece where we will need to link the Movio App account to your already created Facebook Ad Account. All that’s necessary from your end is to provide your Ad Account Id to your Movio account manager (visible on the Facebook Business Manager home page). We’ll handle the rest. 

Get in touch with your Movio Account Manager to get started with Facebook campaigns.

* Subject to legal and regulatory considerations such as GDPR and the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

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