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TGV Cinemas Targets Huge Membership with Movio Cinema

TGV Cinemas is recognized as one of Southeast Asia’s premier film exhibition companies. It’s the second-largest cinema chain in Malaysia, with over 260 screens operating in 33 multiplexes with more than 46,000 seats. Its cinemas are 100 percent digital displaying entertainment for Malaysia’s diverse, multi-ethnic population.

They've always had an emphasis on customer-focused innovation, which has been reflected in a wide range of viewing experiences such as IMAX, INDULGE, BEANIE, FAMILY FRIENDLY and LUXE. With such a diverse offering, it’s not surprising that their loyalty program ‘MovieClub’ has over 500,000 loyalty program member records in Movio Cinema.

TGV Cinemas turned to Movio Cinema in September 2014 to assist with their communication strategy, speed up their workflow and improve the targeting of their loyalty members. In this case study you can read how they increased their email open rates, improved their personalization and offers, and increased overall cinema attendance with Movio Cinema.

“Movio Cinema gave us the ability to filter the MovieClub members without having to submit requests to our IT team,” says Joelyn Wong, Manager of CRM at TGV Cinemas.“The fact that it’s custom-made for the cinema industry is a huge advantage.” 

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