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The Impact of Concession Discounts on Moviegoer Spend

Exhibitors always face challenges in determining better ways to increase visitation and spending; providing the best experiences is at the heart of the business, but variation can also play a part in achieving results.

Movio has published extensive research in many elements of the theatrical exhibition industry with a focus on audience data. This time, we took our audience data analysis and put it to the task of determining how effective a simple discount might prove on the classic cinema staple: Popcorn.

In collaboration with two exhibitors in the US, Movio embarked on a trial to test the efficacy of concession discounts in affecting moviegoer behaviour. By varying pricing discounts and marketing different discount tiers to moviegoers, we aimed to find concretely whether this might:

  • Increase the amount moviegoers spent each visit, 
  • Increase the number of items moviegoers purchase, 
  • Positively influence visitation, 
  • And convert those who typically do not engage with concession purchases.

To learn exactly what we found, discover the full insights in our research here.

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