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The Village Movie Club: Enhanced And Improved With Movio Cinema And Movio Experts

In Australia, Village Cinemas is one of the biggest exhibitors with a large share of screens across all states. The Cinema Exhibition division also operates in Singapore and the United States mainly through joint ventures with Event Cinemas in Australia and Orange Sky Golden Harvest in Singapore.

Village Cinemas has always been about enriching the movie-going experience, and has also sought to widen the appeal of going to the movies by developing new concept cinemas to attract a broader demographic and provide entertainment in true style. This innovation was complemented by implementing Movio Cinema three years ago.

Their current program, The Village Movie Club (VMC), was established in late 2008 using Vista’s Loyalty software and now has more than 550,000 members. Wanting to target and further optimize the effectiveness of their communications, the Village Cinemas marketing team integrated their loyalty program with Movio Cinema, giving them the opportunity to use their loyalty data to better promote their offers and entice moviegoers.  By implementing Movio Cinema they saw lots of great results quickly, improving their loyalty program further to deliver more value to both the customer and the organization.

Most recently they've utilized our broad industry experience by working with Movio Expert Sarah Lewthwaite. Sarah worked with the Village Cinemas marketing team in order to reevaluate their current loyalty program, and to ensure that they are getting the most out of Movio Cinema for their customers and for their organization.

Their next step was consulting with Sarah in order to reevaluate their current program, survey their current members satisfaction and make recommendations for improvement.

“We went to a lot of vendors, but Movio was clearly the best in the loyalty program area,” says Mohit Bhargava, General Manager – Marketing & Sales of Village Cinemas. “All of their people are technically astute, but they also understand the business of cinema. So their insight into the business side of things combined with their technical knowledge was fantastic.”

These recommendations included suggestions for a refresh and redesign of VMC in the future, as well as providing them with some quick wins to execute straight away by optimizing Movio Cinema. A Movio Expert consultation has enabled Village Cinema to better understand their loyalty members behavior so that they can send relevant campaigns and effectively measure their success, while managing a large database with just a small team of skilled users.

Download the full case study below to find out how Movio Cinema enabled Village Cinemas to enhance both their communications and reporting, and how Movio Expert Sarah Lewthwaite worked to assess and evaluate the VMC program.

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