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Wonder Woman: Anatomy of a Record-Breaking Audience

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As one of 2017 biggest hits so far we were curious to profile the audience behind Wonder Woman. The movie is quite unusual for a superhero title, achieving the same box office domestically as Batman v Superman, but starting off 65% lower on opening weekend. So who made Wonder Woman a success? Using rich insights and data from Movio Media we analyzed the evolution of its audience to find out more.

Wonder Woman's audience evolved in a similar manner as most blockbusters but with some trends notably magnified. Compared to the average superhero movie Wonder Woman drew 16% more female moviegoers, reaching parity with the male audience by the third week.

As we discussed in our latest white paper on 50+ moviegoers, the mature moviegoer is not to be ignored when it comes to blockbusters. In saying this, the proportion of 50+ moviegoers in the Wonder Woman audience is quite surprising, with 20% more compared with the average superhero movie.

The very positive reviews and word-of-mouth after opening weekend were probably responsible for the strong showing among infrequent moviegoers (who see 1-4 movies a year) in the second and third weeks. Compared to the average superhero movie the Wonder Woman audience comprised 37% more infrequent moviegoers.

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