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Movio is the global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management software working with leading cinema exhibitors, film distributors and studios.

Movio’s mission is to revolutionise the way the film industry interacts with viewers, increase box office revenue and improve the quality of content produced. Through our innovative cloud-based solutions we provide a greater understanding of what drives consumer behaviour, and a highly targeted channel to market.

Our products maintain real-time, authoritative data on the loyalty activity and transactions for many of the world’s biggest cinema chains, capturing the behaviour of over 39 million moviegoers.

Movio is a company of Vista Group International Ltd (NZX/ASX:VGL), which brings a comprehensive film industry software offering, covering cinema management software, box office data analytics, and film distribution software.

Movio Origins

From garage to global

The origins story of Movio goes back further than it’s founding in 2010. Will Palmer and Peter Beguely met in 2006 and established a loyalty and CRM solution, originally designed for Berkeley Cinemas in Auckland. The key premise was to analyse transactional data from the loyalty programme to create highly targeted and relevant email and SMS marketing campaigns for their loyalty members.

Peter and Will soon realised that they had cracked the formula to increasing cinema attendance. This experience highlighted the need to empower exhibitors to understand and engage with moviegoers via technology that was made specifically with their industry in mind. Movio was formed on the basis of this shared passion for technology, marketing, and of course a love of film.

Our Offering

Our flagship product, Movio Cinema, makes it faster and cost-efficient for exhibitors to analyse their data and execute personalised campaigns to their customers. Movio’s market share in North America now tops over 56% of screens of the Large Cinema Circuit (cinemas over 20 screens).

Movio Media profiles the ticket purchase history and behaviour of millions of active moviegoers across thousands of titles allowing film studios, agencies and publishers to create advanced audience segments of people most likely to see a movie. By linking audiences to box office transactions we can close the loop and measure true campaign effectiveness.

Our Movio Experts offer strategic services to the cinema industry and Movio customers, to evolve and help shape profitable cinema loyalty programmes. The Movio Experts team comes with extensive experience working within leading cinema exhibitors marketing teams and cinema loyalty.

Our Leadership

William Palmer

Chief Executive

Under his leadership, Movio has consistently doubled its revenue since its inception in 2010. A devout film-lover, Palmer has a grand vision for Movio “to revolutionise the way the film industry interacts with moviegoers."

"We want to be the home of Big Data in NZ. We are at the forefront of technology."

Craig Jones

Chief Commercial Officer

Craig leads Movio’s global business strategy for Movio Media. He has over 14 years’ experience in the technology industry, and has held a series of senior national and global sales, and executive leadership roles for a global telecommunications company. 

Matthew Liebmann

Global President,
Movio Cinema

Matthew oversees worldwide strategy and operations of Movio’s flagship product, Movio Cinema, the leading marketing data analytics and targeted campaign solution for cinema exhibitors.

Sarah Lewthwaite

Managing Director &
Senior Vice President,

Sarah oversees operations in the EMEA territory, leads business development and provides strategic services to global exhibitors. She brings with her over 15 years of cinema and loyalty experience and was formerly Vice President of Marketing at Cineplex Entertainment in Canada.

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