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Cineplex SCENE Loyalty

Cineplex is one of Canada’s largest entertainment companies. Through Cineplex Entertainment they serve around 71 million cinema customers a year via their 161 theatres and 1,635 screens.

In 2007 Cineplex launched SCENE, a joint venture with Scotiabank. It was the first entertainment loyalty program in Canada, and today it’s the largest program in the country. SCENE offers free membership to gain points on purchases at Cineplex and it now has in excess of 5 million members.

What has made Cineplex’s SCENE so successful?

Cineplex had been using Vista Cinema Software since 2004, so naturally the opportunity to use Movio’s solution to manage their now rather daunting database was inevitable.

Movio began working with Vista Loyalty in April 2013 for all SCENE communications. This resulted in halving the execution time of launching campaigns. What used to take more than 15 business days, now takes eight or less for the whole process. That includes campaign planning, set up and approval by all stakeholders. In fact, once a campaign has been planned and signed off, within the Movio platform,it could be created and launched within 15 minutes.

Through SCENE, they were able to analyze the data and track the actions of individual members in order to develop tailored campaigns to specifically targeted groups. This ability to target very specific loyalty promotional campaigns within very quick time frames worked excellently.

“Once Movio was implemented and we brought the process in-house we were able to dramatically decrease turnaround time on email campaigns from targeting to deployment and post-campaign reporting,” says Daniel Ritchie, Assistant Product Manager, eCRM at Cineplex.

In the nine months since implementing their promotional campaigns are up almost 90%.

“We’re not sending more e-mails, but rather running smarter and more effective campaigns,” says Jim Partington, Director, Loyalty and Digital Marketing at Cineplex.

One of the key benefits is to the IT team and how much this technology has reduced their workload. Campaigns are now controlled entirely by the Loyalty team, instead of needing time consuming customized code, and major co-ordination from the IT Team.

“Using Movio’s technology has given us the ability to be agile and react to levers in the business chain very responsively,” concludes Partington.

For the full story behind Cineplex’s SCENE loyalty program and Movio download the full case study.

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