Age breakdown detail

The Institute age ranges and how we mapped them to generations:

1-20yo: Gen Z

20-40yo: Millennial

40-50yo: Gen X

50+: Boomer

Movio age ranges and how we mapped them to generations:

1-24yo: Gen Z

25-34yo: Millennial

35-54yo: Gen X

55+ yo: Boomer


Negative traits or actions detail

Character is a criminal or exhibits criminal activity 

A criminal character is one who engages in illicit or illegal acts, whether justified or not, and whether they get caught or not.

Character exhibits promiscuous behavior

A sexually promiscuous character has casual sex with different partners and/or is indiscriminate in their choice of sexual partners.

Character exhibits sex for trade

This measure includes trading sex for tangible things (e.g., money, a meal) as well as non-tangibles (e.g., a promotion, safe passage out of a dangerous area).

Character is verbally sexually objectified

Verbal sexual objectification can come in many forms, including cat calling and comments a character makes about another character’s physicality to a third party

Character is visually sexually objectified

Sexual objectification is the act of treating a person as an instrument of sexual pleasure. Objectification more broadly means treating a person as a commodity or an object without regard to their personality or dignity. Panning refers to rotating a camera on its vertical or horizontal axis. In this instance, it refers to moving from one part of a body to another. Slow motion can be used to accentuate various aspects of the images on a screen. For this particular measure, record instances when slow motion is used to accentuate a character’s physical form in a sexual way, for example, jiggling breasts.

Character’s intelligence is considered ‘stupid’

Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. The Incredible Hulk is an example of “Mixed” (smart scientist and not-so-smart monster).

Character’s work ethic is considered ‘lazy’

Work ethic is defined as the principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward. We are measuring a character’s work ethic by how they perform their work. Work can be defined as schoolwork, paid labor, volunteer work (unpaid labor), housework, etc.


Representation categories


['No', 'Yes', 'Can’t Tell']


['Smart', 'Somewhere in Between', "Can't Tell", 'Stupid', 'Mixed', 'Not Applicable', 'Cant Tell']


['No', 'Yes, some nudity', 'Not Applicable', 'Yes, full nudity']


['Service (i.e., law enforcement, food and recreation service)', 'Crime (i.e., bank robber, shoplifter, trafficker)', 'The character is an adult of working age (not a student) is not shown as having an occupation', 'Professional (i.e., doctors, lawyers, scientists, talent)', 'Administration (i.e., assistants, clerks, secretaries)', "Can't Tell", 'Not Applicable', 'Other (i.e., production, construction, maintenance, farming, transportation) (specify)', 'Management (i.e., executives, managers, supervisors)', 'Military (i.e., domestic/foreign armed forces)', 'Sales (i.e., real estate agents, retail, models)', 'Can’t Tell']


['No', 'Yes', 'Not Applicable', 'Yes (please specify)']


['No', 'Yes']


['No', 'Yes', 'Not Applicable']


['No', 'Not Applicable', 'Yes']


['Yes', 'No', 'Yes (please specify)']


['Hard working', 'Middle of the road', "Can't Tell", 'Lazy', 'Not Applicable', 'Can’t Tell']