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Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence

Analyze and segment your audience with film centric data filters.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Campaigns from conception to execution in 15 minutes or less.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

All campaigns can be measured against control groups.

Our Passion, Movies

Selling out can be a good thing, especially at the box office. We’ve taken our obsession with movies and used it to develop a solution tailored to the unique needs of movie marketers. Movio holds unique insights in six regions worldwide, for over 26 million cinema goers, more than 1,000 theaters and over 1,000 films.







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Put your Data into Motion

Technology gives you the ability to collect vast quantities of data, whatever its origin, volume or velocity. The concept of Big Data revolves around your ability to action this information. Movio takes this data and puts it into context – so you know what your customers want before they do.

You have this information now, Movio allows you to put it to use. Movio’s service tightly integrates Customer Intelligence and Campaign Management equipping you with a single view of your customers across many data sources. Identify specific audiences and develop sharp influential campaigns that hit the mark.

Single View

Analyze and Segment your Audience

By combining Big Data with Customer Intelligence, Movio will help you cast your audience – so you know who you're talking to and what pushes their buttons. Data is fed into Movio from multiple sources, which you can profile, sort and combine using over 100 film centric filters to create literally millions of unique target audiences.

  • Multiple Data Sources

    Data Source
  • Audience Segmentation

    Audience Segmentation
  • Target Group Validation

    Target Group Validation

Master Campaign Management

Movio’s intuitive user interface and editing suite allows a non-technical marketer to design and execute a highly targeted campaign in less than 15 minutes, via HTML email, mobile or social media. Also, Movio will randomly remove a statistically significant control group from the target audience of your campaign.

  • World-Class Communications

    World-Class Communications
  • Audience Control Group

    Audience Control Group
  • Global Content Delivery

    Global Content Delivery

Maximize Return on Investment

Movio measures all transactions post campaign – so you know exactly how effective each campaign is in dollar terms, in real-time, by comparing the performance of targeted audiences to the control group. Movio reporting also includes all industry standard email and SMS delivery metrics, including clicks, links, open rates and deliverability.

  • Return on Investment

    Return on Investment
  • Campaign Reporting

    Campaign Reporting

What users say about Movio...

  • "What really allowed us to be very dynamic and responsive was Movio"

    Alison Deboo

    Head of Loyalty at HOYTS
  • "So we’re not sending more e-mails, but rather running smarter and more effective campaigns."

    Jim Partington

    Director, Loyalty and Digital Marketing at Cineplex
  • "We needed something that will capture all the customer information and allow us to slice and dice it to get out customized offers in very short timeframes"

    Alison Deboo

    Head of Loyalty at HOYTS
  • "Put simply, Movio ensures our offers match the interests of our guests"

    Rolando Rodriguez

    CEO at Marcus Theatres

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