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People at Movio have incredible talent and share the same energy and passion.
They all say that the biggest perk here is their freedom to experience, grow and achieve great outcomes together. Everyone’s welcome to contribute by bringing their own vision to make a difference in the way our business operates.

Winner of the NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2016

Movio’s vision and innovation were acknowledged with the 2016 New Zealand Hi-Tech ‘Duncan Cotterill Innovative Software Product’ award for its latest development Movio Media.
The NZ Hi-Tech Awards celebrate New Zealand’s most successful high-tech companies and individuals and recognize the best in all our technology industries.

Behind the vision...

Movio’s mission is to revolutionize the way the film industry interacts with viewers, increase box office revenue and improve the quality of content produced.

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William Palmer, Chief Executive Officer

William Palmer

Chief Executive Officer

"We want to be the home of Big Data in NZ. We are at the forefront of technology."

Peter Beguely, Chief Solutions Officer

Peter Beguely

Chief Product Officer

"We are an ambitious bunch of kiwis and we'll make a difference on a global scale!!"

Kalman Bekesi, Chief Technology Officer

Kalman Bekesi

Chief Technology Officer

"We like white boarding ideas. When we don't have enough white boards, we use walls!"

There's a team...

Movio has offices all around the world and our multicultural team are driven by a shared passion for both movies and technology. Find out what some of the team have to say about working at Movio.

Tiana Meintjes

Tiana Meintjes

Product Marketing Manager

"Once I'd heard about the great work culture at Movio I was sold."

Callie Ewin

Callie Ewin

Talent Manager, People & Culture

"Our flat structure is evident immediately as everyone is very approachable."

Felix Geller

Felix Geller

Software Engineer

"Watching the sunset over the Tasman Sea while writing Scala code wasn't something I expected."

Cristal Ramirez

Cristal Ramirez

Account Manager - North America

"At Movio I am given the autonomy I need to assist our customers to reach their full potential."

Pedro Costa

Pedro Costa

Operation Manager, EMEA

"As a movie and technology lover Movio is the obvious place for me to be."

Dr. Bryan Smith

Dr. Bryan Smith

Chief Data Scientist

"It’s exciting to have my work reach a wide audience. Not many mathematicians get published in Variety."

Our Technology

Our application revolves around high performance and data processing. Hence our devs are becoming experts in concurrent programming, functional programming, highly distributed architectures in the cloud, and using some of the latest tools and techniques related to high volume web development.


Join the vibe

We're looking for people whose job and hobby are the same! Movio is taking the international film industry by storm and building a global team to sustain our growth. We are continuously looking for talent in research and development, operations and sales and marketing. Help us shape the future of movie marketing!

Movio is an Accredited Employer for the Talent Work to Residence Visa.

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From our Blog

Movio Hackathon 2015

Launched in 2014, the Movio Hackathon is a 24-hour annual event in which our various teams are free to express their creativity and put into action those ideas borne from bursts of everyday inspiration, but which don’t necessarily fit into their day-to-day duties. Here we’ve collected a few of our favourites from the day, as well as rundowns from some of the minds responsible; read, watch, enjoy, and – hopefully – be inspired.

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