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Data analytics and marketing campaigns for the film industry

Analyze your audience and engage moviegoers with personalized campaigns that maximize ROI.

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Meet the people who will want to see your film and make informed decisions with unique audience insights.

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The Movio Experts have the knowledge and experience to help take your loyalty program to the next level.

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"Understanding Millennial Moviegoers:
A Data-Driven Playbook

What genres do they prefer? How much do they spend on box office concessions? Do they exhibit consistent behavior as a group?

Discover our key findings about the Millennial aka generation Y, the largest generation in American history.

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Whitepaper: Understanding Millennial Moviegoers

Leading cinema exhibitors use Movio Cinema

Leading film studios and advertising companies use Movio Media

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Over 37 million moviegoers

Movio is the global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management software for cinema exhibitors, film distributors and studios.

Movio’s mission is to revolutionize the way the film industry interacts with moviegoers.

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Love Movies, Love Technology


Love Movies, Love Technology

People at Movio have incredible talent and share the same energy and passion. They all say that the biggest perk here is their freedom to experience, grow and achieve great outcomes together. Everyone’s welcome to contribute by bringing their own vision to make a difference in the way our business operates.

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Taking The Leap With Data-Driven Marketing

Sarah Lewthwaite talks big data, database marketing, and how highly-targeted campaigns can have immense impact.

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