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Designed for movie marketers

Movio Cinema offers a comprehensive film-centric solution with Movio Analytics and Movio Campaign integrated modules. You can now tailor Movio Cinema to your needs with extension Modules to scale up with your loyalty program requirements


Analyse and Segment

Watched “The Martian 3D” Went to “CinemaCo Multiplex theatre” Watched “X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer on YouTube” Are between “25” and “30” years old Add another filter I want to find people who

By combining Big Data with Customer Intelligence, Movio Analytics will help you cast your audience – so you know who you're talking to and what pushes their buttons. Data is fed into Movio Analytics from multiple sources, which you can profile, sort and combine using over 120 film centric filters to create literally millions of unique target audiences.

Master Campaign Management

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Movio Campaign's intuitive user interface and editing suite allows a non-technical marketer to design and execute a highly targeted campaign in less than 15 minutes, via HTML email, mobile or social media. Also, Movio Campaign will randomly remove a statistically significant control group from the target audience of your campaign.

Maximise ROI

How well did my campaign perform? Control Group Return on Investment Target Group Visitation Rate 11.87% 16.12% Average Box Office Spend $10.72 $11.05 Average Admissions 1.84 $13,887 2.21 +35.80% +3.07% +20.10%

Maximise ROI

Movio Cinema measures all transactions post-campaign – so you know exactly how effective each campaign is in dollar terms, in real-time, by comparing the performance of targeted audiences to the control group. Movio Campaign reporting also includes all industry standard email and SMS delivery metrics, including clicks, links, open rates and deliverability.

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Movio's statement on the Icon safe harbour (78.7 KB) framework.

Extension Modules

Mobile Connect


The Mobile Connect extension module gives you the ability to easily create and deliver a message to your audience through your app’s push notifications.

Icon Download Mobile Connect Overview (406.9 KB)

Mobile Connect: Connect with moviegoers on the go

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Movie Insights


Use Movio Cinema’s most advanced audience segmentation tool to effortlessly identify and target the perfect audience using Movio’s proprietary Similarity Algorithm.

Icon Download Movie Insights Overview (434.6 KB)

Discover the power of Movie Insights

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Link your members’ loyalty data and their interactions with your website, giving you actionable insights by powering up your segmentation and targeting capabilities.

Icon Download Web Tracker Overview (293.0 KB)

Web Tracker: Uncovering Powerful Member Insights

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Social Connect


With the Social Connect extension module, interactions with your social media channels flow into Movio Cinema and enable further segmentation and targeting. This expands insights by providing a single view of your customers across channels.

Icon Download Social Connect Overview (339.8 KB)

>SMS Connect


Compliant with the most rigorous legislation requirements, the SMS Connect extension module gives you the ability to deliver highly targeted SMS messages in minutes, and track redemption and performance for every campaign.

Icon Download SMS Connect Overview (639.4 KB)

Customer Testimonials

"Put simply, Movio ensures our offers match the interests of our guests creating a better movie-going experience"

Roland Rowell, Vue

Roland Rodriguez

CEO at Marcus Theatres

"We’re not sending more e-mails, but rather running smarter and more effective campaigns."

Jim Partington, Cineplex

Jim Partington

Director, Loyalty and Digital Marketing at Cineplex

"Movio Cinema creates an ecosystem that will leverage a real-time, single customer view from multiple sources."

Dominic Rowell, Vue

Dominic Rowell

Commercial Director at Vue

Leading cinema exhibitors use Movio Cinema

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