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Movio Media aggregates moviegoer data to provide you with crucial audience insights as well as highly-targeted, cost-effective campaign solutions. Access the audience of leading cinema exhibitors across your country through world-leading technology that allows you to target millions of active moviegoers using demographic, behavioral and transactional insights. Movio Media is revolutionizing the way the film industry interacts with moviegoers.

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Movio Research is the definitive film market research platform with real-time data, describing the demographics, behaviors and movie-going history of millions of moviegoers. The Movio Media proprietary Similarity Rating™ algorithm identifies best fit ‘comp’ audiences using actual movie viewership history. Access to rich audience profiles and behavioral analysis for all movies as soon as tickets go on sale, and understand Audience Evolution™ trends for films showing and historical titles for unrivaled insight. Let us show you what is actually happening throughout your film’s theatrical run.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Woman in Gold 7.9 7.0 Similarity Rating™ Av. Age 60.66 Male 41.8% Female 58.2% Av. Frequency Av. Monthly Box Office 7 Day Attendance 1.32 $18.23 35.64%

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Movio Engage helps you understand what motivates moviegoers supporting informed budget, research, marketing and media decisions. Connect directly with the most avid moviegoers pre-release to build awareness and demand for your movie using rich media campaigns rewarding their actions; and obtain moviegoers’ opinions post-release and combine with their behavioral profile for unrivaled insight. You now have the power to engage with targeted audiences and measure campaign effectiveness.

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Customer Testimonials

"I strongly believe that Movio Media will help transform the film industry allowing for movie-going insights we've never seen before."

Ken Thewes, Regal Entertainment Group

Ken Thewes

CMO at Regal Entertainment Group

"The Movio Media platform means we can fuse consumer, lifestyle and brand usage data to help our advertising clients be even smarter."

Cliff Marks, NCM

Cliff Marks

President of Sales and Marketing with NCM.

Leading film studios and advertising companies use Movio Media

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