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Understand And Connect With Moviegoers

Movio Media provides access to the most comprehensive moviegoer database with unique actionable insights. Enrich your understanding of moviegoer behavior and transform your movie marketing with Movio Media’s measurable data-driven campaign solutions.



Movio Media profiles the ticket purchase history of millions of active moviegoers across thousands of movie titles. Our unique behavioral insights and machine learning algorithms allow you to create advanced audience segments on the similarities in tastes and behaviors of real-life moviegoers.

Connect your campaign across multiple channels with those moviegoers most likely to see your movie and leverage Movio Media’s capability to link audiences to actual box office transactions to close the loop and measure campaign effectiveness.

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Movio Media is the film industry’s definitive movie market research platform. It uses near real-time data to illustrate the behaviors, ticket purchase history, and demographic profile of millions of active moviegoers, helping you gain an unparalleled understanding of moviegoer behavior.

The platform allows users to analyze movies as soon as tickets go on sale, as well as understand audience evolution trends for current movies and historical titles. Movio Media can show you exactly what is happening throughout your movie’s theatrical run.


Customer Testimonials

"I strongly believe that Movio Media will help transform the film industry allowing for movie-going insights we've never seen before."

Ken Thewes

CMO at Regal Entertainment Group

"The Movio Media platform means we can fuse consumer, lifestyle and brand usage data to help our advertising clients be even smarter."

Cliff Marks

President of Sales and Marketing with NCM.

Leading film studios and advertising companies use Movio Media

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